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Curious to know the differences between one Tanaruz model and another?We''ll help you out.Here is every information about all boat models that we offer at the moment.From beautiful sloops to versatile cabin boats,we have it all.Choose your favorite!

For the longest time,sailing has not only been a form of transportation but also an indulgence for those who love the feeling of gliding on the water and riding waves.

With the vast development of the boating industry,manufacturers are constantly working to create the best boats with technical features and designs that are suitable for the present time.

At Tanaruz,we take a step further and create the boats of the future,today!

Many factors are taken into consideration when building or purchasing a boat,such as the general arrangement,the comfort level,safety,engine type,etc.But with Tanaruz boats,we are pushing for more sustainable and innovative production of sailboats.

All Tanaruz boat models are 3D printed from reclaimed polymers and are able to be shredded and reprinted in the future.So if you are interested in owning an innovative and sustainable boat,have a read and find yourself one of our best models

Current Models

At the moment,there are 4 models available:Tanaruz DDM,Tanaruz S,Tanaruz DS,and Tanaruz DSi.

All Tanaruz boats are equipped with electric batteries,electrical propulsion,and life-saving equipment.Additionally,Tanaruz provides you with digital apps for easy navigation and charging the boats.Furthermore,solar panels and battery charging systems are also available for Tanaruz boats.Our modern and innovative tools maximise your navigating experience.


Tanaruz DDM

Tanaruz DDM is designed to host long trips on the water.With the length ranging from 4 to 10 meters,this model is able to accommodate a maximum capacity of 9 people.One of the best features of Tanaruz DDM is that it is highly versatile.Thanks to the spacious design,it can be used as a meeting location,for water sports,and it is also possible to transform from a family boat to a transportation for commercial purposes.

The internal space of Tanaruz DDM has a large storage area.The forward sleeping cabin can be fully utilised and turn into a baggage room.The boat also offers a spacious aft full height standing cabin for 6 people and a sunbathing area.

The electric batteries guarantee a navigation period of 4 to 8 hours.This model is designed to be safely navigated even in bad weather conditions such as high waves.

So,if you have the tendency to host a boat trip with a relatively large group of people,or want to transport your goods via boats,then Tanaruz DDM is the model to choose.


Tanaruz S

Tanaruz S is a unique hyrbid boat model.Most boats of the same size and price range available on the market are designed to only have open space,which means it is not quite practical to be onboard when there is rain.Tanaruz S fixes this issue by combining both open space and an indoor cabin,which gives you ultimate comfort onboard even in bad weather conditions.

If you are looking for a compact yet comfortable and modern boat,Tanaruz S is the perfect choice.This model is a motor and sailing boat with a length of 4.5 to 7.5 meters.Although Tanaruz S is relatively smaller than the previous models,it still ensures sufficient space for passengers and storage.The boat is built with external seats for four people and has a maximum capacity of 8 people.Additionally,there are sleeping beds available for three people.There are both internal and external storage areas at the aft deck.

Tanaruz S is suitable for shorter trips,both at the sea and river under various weather conditions.The batteries performance can last up to 8 hours.

You do not have to worry about rain and strong wind sailing with Tanaruz S because the interior is designed to optimise the comfort of passengers and protect you from environmental factors.With this model,you can either choose to sit outside when the weather is nice or take shelter inside if necessary.Or if you prefer to live the life of a digital nomad,you can also spend the night inside the boat.

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Tanaruz DS&Tanaruz DSi

These two models have similar regarding mechanical features with slight differences in the design.

Tanaruz DS and Tanaruz DSi are built to be up to 7.5 meters long and are able to accommodate from 4 to 8 people.They both have a sun tent couch enough for 2 people.These two models ensure maximum comfort for their passengers.There is also internal and external storage available at the aft and fore compartments.

Due to the open design,Tanaruz DS and Tanaruz DSi are perfect for short day trips with the battery’s life ranging from 4 to 8 hours.

What differentiates Tanaruz DSi from Tanaruz DS is that it is made to be a high-speed boat.If you love the feeling of racing on the water and riding the waves,Tanaruz DSi can definitely provide you with a satisfying and exciting navigating experience.For instance,you can take your high-speed Tanaruz DSi out for a boat trip filled with adrenaline,or use it as a fast way to reach a certain destination.For Tanaruz DSi,it is possible to install solar panels on top,so you can prolong the battery life.

Additionally,the features onboard such as tables can be converted into beds for your ultimate comfort.


Tanaruz Boats offers many different models to suit various needs and preferences.Depending on your sailing habits,purposes,and liking,you can choose from our diverse range of products.Take the opportunity and sail in one of our modern,innovative,and sustainable boats.We ensure a safe,comfortable,and enjoyable journey for you along with your friends and family.

Below is a comparison of all the Tanaruz Boats models.

Model Name Length(meters) Capacity(people) Battery’s life(hours) Propulsion system Purpose
DDM 4–10 3-9 4-8 Electrical Long trips
S 4.5–7.5 3-8 4-8 Electrical Short trips
DS 4.5–7.5 4-8 4-8 Electrical Short trip
DSI 4.5–7.5 4-8 4-8 Electrical Short trips

Having certain preferences in mind?You can choose to customise your own boats on our Tanaruz App in a few simple steps.



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