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Tanaruz DSi

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Length 4.5 - 6.5 meters
Capacity 3 - 8 people
Purpose Motor
& sailing boat

Basic configuration

  • Maximum capacity 6 people
  • Sun Tent couch for 2 people
  • Electric propulsion
  • Navigation and communication equipments
  • Electric batteries for 4 / 8 hours navigation
  • Anchoring/parking outfitting
  • Internal & external storage at the aft / fore compartments
  • Life saving equipment

General description

Tanaruz DSi is designed to be 4.5, 5.5, or 6.5 meters long and is able to accommodate from 3 to 8 people. It has a sun tent couch enough for 2 people. This model ensures maximum comfort for their passengers. There is also internal and external storage available at the aft and fore compartments.

Thanks to the open design, Tanaruz DSi is perfect for short day trips with the battery’s life ranging from 4 to 8 hours.

Tanaruz DSi is made to be a high-speed boat. If you love the feeling of racing on the water and riding the waves, Tanaruz DSi can definitely provide you with a satisfying and exciting navigating experience.

Additionally, the features onboard, such as tables, can be converted into beds for your ultimate comfort.

Unique features

The unique design of DSi was specially optimized for best performance for short trips and the comfort of passengers. 3D printing technology has permitted a unique hull design that is not available for traditional production methods.

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Payment terms

  • €500 by pre-order
  • Outstanding cost is estimated based on your boat personalization
  • You can change model and customise the design with no fee later
  • By pre-ordering you recieve your yacht at your address in Belgium and Netherlands for free

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