Customize your boat on Tanaruz app, and we will 3D print it!

Customize your boat on Tanaruz app, and we will 3D print it!

Tanaruz boats are fully customizable. You can choose the shape, size, color, engine, and more. And better still: Because our boats are printed from reclaimed polymers, and fitted with electrical motors, it is the most environmentally friendly motorized boat around


Get the boat you crave

Select a design and begin customizing it! Click to find out more. Tanaruz has a growing range of designs and is adding new ones each month.

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Good for you.
Good for the planet.

Tanaruz embodies circular economy principles. Boats are made from reclaimed polymers, reducing plastic pollution.

At end of life, boats are shredded to make new boats.

All Tanaruz boats are powered by electrical engines. Solar panels can be fitted on to the boats


3d printed boats are real

Tanaruz has made the prospects 3D printing a boats into a reality. This means that no two boats need to be alike. The hull shape, the cabin, seating arrangements and any aspect of the boat design can be customized to need.

Tanaruz printer can currently print boats up to 8 m in size. We are developing the technology to enable printing boats of up to 12 m.

Five steps to
getting your boat


Download the tanaruz app


Customize your boat on the app. You can adapt the boat size, color and equipment level.


Pre - Order the boat on the app. This requires a down payment of €500 to reserve the slot.


If you choose, you will receive an invitation to witness the production of your boat. 50% of the boat price must be paid prior to production.


Delivery of the boat to a location of choice.



  • Get your boat ready for summer 2021
  • Be present during the manufacturing
  • Reprint with 50% discount
  • Free battery