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Proof of Safety and Safety measures for Tanaruz Boats


3D printing

Besides the great advantages of Tanaruz 3D printing technology -- such as customizing the boat to your personal tastes, elimination of waste, and lower production costs -- the 3D printing techniques, also increases the boats tensile strength.

Internal Structure

Our boats contain internal structural beams that act as a skeleton providing rigidity and stability. During the 3D printing process the skeleton structure is meshed into a solid unit and becomes structurally bonded. This significantly increases the boat’s structural integrity.


Performance and safety

For example, hydrostatic calculations for the Tanaruz boats demonstrate that the tensile strength is 8 times in excess of the external pressure exerted on the boat by waves of 2 m height. Maximal deformation at wave crest is limited to 1.3 mm.


What is the basic equipment?

The basic equipment includes navigation equipment, mooring equipment, safety equipment, internal and external lighting, basic furniture, 4-hours navigation batteries set.

How long do the batteries last?

One battery lasts approximately 2 hours. Please note, however, that factors such as weather conditions, currents, waves affect the battery's discharge speed.

How long is the distance on one charge?

Two fully charged batteries can cover an average distance of approximately 50 km.

What is the comfort equipment on board?

The boat can be equipped with a ventilation system, kitchenette, WC, comfortable seating and beds, and interior and external lighting.