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November,18,2021 sinking
Tanaruz Boats is an innovative concept of shipbuilding,and you might have lots of questions to ask.Don't worry. We got your back. Here is all the information about Tanaruz Boats, boat materials, production method, safety, and more!

3D printing technology is becoming more and more popular. It is applied to various fields such as education, construction, art and jewellery, and even medicine. Although this technology has been widely used across industries, the concept of a 3D-printed boat is yet to be well-known. There are many concerns surrounding 3D-printed boats regarding their safety and functionality.

With the introduction of Tanaruz Boats, we also received many questions about the boats themselves. We understand the concerns and questions that you may have, which is why we decide to answer some of the most frequently asked questions to make you know Tanaruz Boats better!

1. What construction material do you use?

There are many materials that work with 3D printing technology, from carbon fibres, metal, to plastic. For Tanaruz Boats, plastic is our material of choice. Hold on, we know that you are thinking. There is already enough plastic on this Earth, so why we would want to make some more? Well, the thing is, we don't!We don't create new plastic specifically to print some cool-looking boats. Instead, we collect unwanted polymers from industrial sites and repurpose those to print our boats. So, we get ourselves some durable material for printing and help to solve the plastic pollution problem. Two birds in one stone!

To be more specific, we use polypropylene (PP) with 30% of glass-fibre filament. The first reason for choosing PP is for recycling purposes. With Tanaruz Boats, we aim to create a solution for the plastic pollution problem. Instead of letting the materials be wasted in landfills, we repurpose and give them a new life. The second reason is that PP provides the required strength for the boat. Lastly, using glass filament allows us to print the boats in different colours!

This leads us to the next question.

2. How safe are Tanaruz Boats?

You might be wondering that how a boat, 3D-printed from recyclable material, can be safe? We understand your concern, which is why we took extra effort to test and made sure that Tanaruz boats meet the safety requirements!

The safety of Tanaruz Boats is guaranteed with an EU certification, independent strength check, and permanent monitoring of production. Our boats meet the EU safety standards and are controlled by an independent Dutch Certification Institute.

For example, a structural analysis report was conducted on the Longitudinal Structure of 7.5 meters Tanaruz S. The test was performed under three conditions: Still Water, Wave Crest, and Wave Trough. The results showed that this model is in the safe zone stress-wise. It also met the stress and deflection requirements. Additionally, the structure of Tanaruz S (7.5 meters) was proven to be well-balanced, and the deflection values showed that the boat structure was not a heavy design.


Safety Test on Longitudinal Structure Tanaruz S 7.5 meters

3. Print & reprint

Let's look at this scenario:You bought a nice boat from us a while back,but there is a new model that just came out,or for some reason,you no longer want the boat.And you do not want to deal with the hassle of reselling or getting rid of your current one.What now?


Yes,you read that correctly.Reprint your boat!Thanks to 3D printing technology,it is possible to shred your boat and reprint it into a new one.No wasted material,no hassle of reselling the boat,bring it back to us,and we will take care of the rest.

Here is even more shocking information.You only need to pay 10%extra if you wish to reprint it into the same size.How crazy is that?

Again,to ensure the quality of the boat,we mix in a portion of new polymers(don't worry, still reclaimed material) with the old boat.

4. What engines do you offer?

The engines are not included when purchasing Tanaruz Boats. However, we work with different distributors to provide you with many engine options. Each engine has the suitable power to achieve a different speed. This is the list of engines you can choose from:

  • Aquamot
  • ePropulsion
  • Torqueedo

5. Customisation

Having a boat that is made just for you isn't just an idea anymore.Our technology and materials allow us to be flexible and creative in term of designs.This enables a customisation process so easy that you can do it yourself.All can be done on Tanaruz App.

First thing first,colours.From the colour of the boat itself to the colour of the cushions,you can take matters into your own hands and choose a colour that you prefer.Thanks to the chosen materials,there is a wide range of options for you to choose from,so be creative.

Next,the length.Depending on the model,the length can be customised to your own preference.Choose a bigger size for more companions on board or a smaller one for family trips.Each size also has a different hull speed.

The third customisable feature is the number of batteries.The number of batteries can be adjusted according to the engine and how long you would like to spend on the water.The number of batteries can be adjusted accordingly,ensuring four,six,and eight hours of navigation.The weight of the batteries is carefully calculated to ensure the boat's balance.

Last but not least, with each model, it is possible to customise other details as well. For example, the style of the windshield, table options, or solar panels. So, it isn't much to say that Tanaruz Boats are here to make your dream come true.


Safe,functional,sustainable,and innovative.That's what Tanaruz Boats is all about.

We hope that these answers are helpful and reassuring to you. We believe that Tanaruz Boats are the future of the shipbuilding industry. New technology opens the door for shorter and more efficient production time. By creating the most sustainable and innovative motorized boats around, we are moving toward the future and contributing to the environment at the same time.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


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