Tanaruz DSI

4.5 - 7.5 m Length
4 - 8 Passengers
30 km Range
17,000 Price starts from
Application to customise boats

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Enjoy the speed

Tanaruz DSi is a high-speed boat for an adrenaline-filled navigating experience. Perfect to enjoy riding the waves or reaching your destination within a short time.

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Electrical motor

There are different options available for engine type and engine power.

Solar panel

Most Tanaruz boats are outfitted with (optional) solar panels. The solar panels are seamlessly integrated to the boat structure and are an elemental part of the design. The panels will continuously charge the batteries during a voyage (weather permitting), thereby extending the boat's range. At shore, batteries can be recharged even when no shore connection is available.

Solar panels are provided with a specially developed anti-reflection coating. This ensures maximum efficiency of charging. With the seawater-resistant aluminium frame, it is possible to mount these panels storm-proof. The provided panels have a 12V 90Wp output with mono crystal line panels to ensure high efficiency.

Further benefits:

  • Exceptional high performance and high sensitivity to light across the entire solar spectrum.
  • 25-year power and performance guarantee.
  • 2-year warranty on materials and labour.
  • A closed, waterproof, multifunctional connection box creating a high level of safety.
  • High-performance bypass diodes minimise the power drops caused by shadow. The advanced EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) housing system, with a three-layer backplate, meets the most stringent safety regulations for working with high voltages.
  • The sturdy, fully anodized housing allows for easy roof mounting with a variety of standard mounting systems.
  • The very high-quality hardened glass provides improved impact resistance and rigidity of the panel.

Life safety

To ensure safety on board, Tanaruz boats are equipped with firefighting equipment and a sufficient number of life jackets. An onboard first aid kit is also provided, in case of emergency.

Mooring Equipment

Tanaruz boats are equipped with mooring cleats that are in line with regulations. The aft and backward position of the cleats permit easy mooring at a harbour under any conditions and any given arrangement of the pier.
The cleats are strongly integrated into the hull, guaranteeing utmost safety. The cleats’ dimensions are 55 X 200 X 70 mm.

Lighting onboard

There is internal and external lighting installed on all boats. Apart from acting as a safety feature - for example, to ward other boats to your presence - the lights provide a warm atmosphere on the boat while traveling in the dark.

Navigation equipment

Tanaruz boats are equipped with a wide range of navigation equipment: From the traditional compass to high-tech navigation digital maps. Our app will update you about the status of the battery, position of the boat, and maintenance advice. It also contains a lot of additional information which will assist you in planning your trip, evaluate the weather and gather all the required information that you might need for your trip.


For propulsion batteries, we are using the Aquamot Long-life Silicon AGM Deep-Cycle battery with high continuous currents. It can be charged and discharged up to 9 times more than with a conventional battery (up to 950 cycles at 50% discharge, or up to 750 cycles at 75% discharge at 25°C), making this product market-leading. By using state-of-the-art massive flat plates and their own developed silicon technology, we are able to guarantee the longest lifespan of your battery. This battery also has a high-temperature resistance, and it is internal construction Incredibly shock-resistant and robust. Please refer to the manufacturer website for more details on the battery, its performance, lifespan and technology.

Charging equipment

Each Tanaruz boat is equipped with a charging system of accumulators. The equipment includes a complete CEE shore power 10m length cord including plugs. The shore power 230-volt CEE waterproof built on plug (protection class IP 67) is designed for installation on deck or at the stern of boats. They are designed for 16 amps, 3-pole.

It is well suited for shore power supply. Suitable sockets, as well as sealing cap, are connected. They are waterproof and secured against slipping out using a bayonet connector. You also can plug in and use standard CEE couplings, but they cannot be locked with the bayonet ring. The housing of the CEE surface-mounted plug is made of polyamide. Contacts are made of nickel-plated brass, including a rubber flange gasket (84x74mm).

Tanaruz DSI

The length of Tanaruz DSi can be customised from 4.5 to 7.5 meters, with a maximum capacity of 4 to 8 people, respectively. This model has an estimated navigation range of 30 km, with one battery pack 4x12V for 48V engines. The price of Tanaruz DSi starts from €17,000.

model dsi
Length4.5 - 7.5 Meters
Passengers4 - 8 people
navigation speed
6 kn

One battery pack 4x12V for 48V engines

Price starts from€17,000

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