Tanaruz boats are composed of reclaimed polypropylene (PP) with 30% glass fibre. This combination of materials has excellent mechanical properties such as resilience to elongate strain of up to 5%, and is heat, fire chemically resistant to high degree. The usage of recyclable PP emphasises Tanaruz commitment to circular economic principles.

All elements of the manufacturing techniques, material and design guarantee the boats longevity and structural integrity.

White 3D printer with a robot arm and motion track

3D Printer

Our 3D printer is specially made to fit the production of Tanaruz boats and therefore has the ideal parameters to print our boats. The ABB-manufactured Track Motion system is the only track on the market with high speed, precision accuracy, and flexibility guarantee. The unique features of ABB are exploited to optimise these features for the robot arm.

With its great accuracy and fast cycle time, the construction line of Tanaruz is guaranteed to be highly productive. Last, but definitely not least, the extruder, manufactured by the Dutch company Xtrution, handles the process of melting and extruding the materials following Tanaruz specifications.

White 3D printer with a robot arm and motion track

Circular Economy

Circular Economy is an economic system that deals with environmental issues such as climate change, waste and pollution. This economic system focuses on closing loops in the production line in order to minimise waste. Simply speaking, the products of Circular Economy are recycled into raw materials after consumption.


Our Approach

Reuse instead of produce: Raw materials are collected from industrial sites and these materials are used to print our boats.

Apply advanced technology: 3D printing technology facilitates the smart and efficient production of Tanaruz Boats. Our boats are 3D printed with better accuracy control and shorter production time.

From used products to raw materials: Waste is minimised by shredding damaged or unwanted boats. This waste material is then used to reprint new Tanaruz Boats.

Why Circular Economy?

  • Reduce raw materials used
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce pressure on the environment


Advanced technology is implemented in the production line of Tanaruz Boats. By use of innovative 3D printing technology instead of other traditional shipbuilding methods we:

  • Increase accuracy and quality control with 3D printing technology.
  • Reduce the production time.
  • Boost creativity and flexibility in the production.
  • Decrease harmful emissions and lessen the pressure on the environment.
  • Reduce the production time.
  • Embody the principles of Circular Economy